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July 17, 2019
How to solve Set user settings to driver failed error
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Touchpads are a user’s shortcut to productivity on laptops. The gestures and multi-finger tap or touch support brings in the scope for various shortcuts. But on some Lenovo laptops that make use of the touchpad drivers from Alps Pointing Device, an error of Set user settings to drive failed occurs. This error occurs mostly when a computer boots up. This error could have happened due to the faulty update for the Alps pointing device driver being installed in the background.

Nevertheless, fixing this issue is straightforward. Let’s have a look at the suggestions.

Set user settings to drive failed

The following methods are reliable and capable of fixing the Set user settings to drive error on Windows 10:

  1. Disable Alps pointing device entry from MSConfig.
  2. Get the latest version of the driver
  3. Uninstall the driver.

Before going ahead with suggestion, make sure to create a restore point.

1] Disable Alps pointing device entry from MSConfig

  • Type msconfig in the Start search box and select System Configuration
  • Navigate the Services tab
  • Uncheck the entry for the Alps pointing device from the list that populates
  • Select Apply and then select OK
  • Reboot your computer, and the error should now be going

The solution has worked for many, and once removed the error, Set user settings to drive failed doesn’t occur anymore. However, it is possible that a future update may fix this problem. So keep an eye. If the drivers get an upgrade, enable the service again to check if the Alps pointing device driver error is resolved.

2] Get the latest version of the driver

Get the latest drivers to update from the official Lenovo support website. An updated version of the touchpad driver is most probably expected to carry a fix. However, make sure that version is compatible with your existing Windows version.

3] Uninstall the driver

If nothing works, you can uninstall the Alps Pointing Device driver. It is available under the section of Mice and other pointing devices. Reboot your computer then and delete the leftover folder inside the following location in the File Explorer: C:\Program Files. Reboot your computer, and see if you still get the error.

Note: Any extra configuration or features that Lenovo drivers offered will not be available after the uninstallation.

The error has reportedly occurred on Lenovo IdeaPad 310, Lenovo IdeaPad 110, Lenovo IdeaPad 110  330, and others.