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July 8, 2019
Find out Computer RAM, Graphics Card/Video memory of your Windows PC
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Many people ask – How do I find out how much RAM is installed on my computer? How much memory does my Graphics card have?  How much Video memory does my Windows PC have? In this post, we will see how to find out the answers to these questions.

How much Graphics Card/Video memory does my computer have

If your system has a dedicated graphics card installed, and you want to find out how much Graphics Card memory your computer has, open Control Panel > Display > Screen Resolution. Click on Advanced Setting. Under the Adapter tab, you will find the Total Available Graphics Memory as well as the Dedicated Video memory.

How much Computer RAM does my PC have

In Windows 10/8, you will have to open the Win+X menu > Control Panel > System. Under the System section, you will see Installed memory (RAM). This is the Computer RAM which has been installed on your Windows PC.

However, Windows may show less RAM than what is installed. For instance, on some systems, Windows 32-bit may report that there is only 3.5 GB of usable system memory when 4 GB of memory has been installed. Or, a Windows 64-bit computer may show only 7.1 GB of usable system memory when 8 GB of memory may be installed. This is because usable memory is a calculated amount of the total physical memory minus “hardware reserved” memory.

Run dxdiag

You can also type dxdiag in Run box and press Enter to open the DirectX Diagnostic Tool box.

This tool, however, may not report the exact memory of your video card and may also be reporting how much total shared memory is there between your video card and your system memory.


If you are looking for a freeware to do the job for you, you can check out CPU-Z. This tool gathers information about the main devices of your system. It will not only give you information about your RAM, Graphics card and video memory but also other important system information.